Corvallis to Coast to Corvallis

But Philomath to Coast to Philomath

What. A. day.

11 of us started in various points and met near Philomath. Some took the long way to Newport, some took the short way to Newport, they took the shuttle back, 2 of them decided to do a brick first.

4 of us stuck to the official route, one person bailed on the way back (got a ride home). The round trip crew stopped for a full lunch at Luna Sea, I don’t think I’ve ever done that on a bike ride. Maybe once when I was 16, but that was more of a fast-food refuel.

The route is pretty cool, not what I expected, but exactly what you should expect on Coast Range gravel – a little bit of everything. There aren’t a lot of photos because I was with a faster moving group and didn’t make time to take many. I don’t think there are many big vistas on this route either.

At one point I fell apart for about 20 minutes, but came back. Definitely one of the hardest days I’ve ever had on a bike. Have I mentioned gravel is hard. 107 miles of gravel is hard. 11,000 ft. of elevation on gravel is hard.

A view of a wooded area with trees and a cloudy sky.
A view of a forest with trees on a cloudy day.
A sand beach with grass.
Two cyclists sitting on logs on the beach.
A wooden picnic table.
A gravel road in the woods.
  • Moving Time:
  • Elevation Gain:
    10,994 ft

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