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Usually when I go exploring, I end up finding some 16-20% walls. This was no exception. I also found a road that seems no one has ridden and some additional great views.

I’d still like to ride here when it’s warm and sunny.

A pond surrounded by tall grasses and trees.
A stream running through a forest with mossy rocks.
A stream runs through a lush green forest.
A stream runs through a lush green forest.
A dirt road with alder trees in the background.
A view of a forest with mountains in the background.
A dirt road leading to the ocean.
A gravel bike parked on a hillside overlooking a clearcut and the ocean.
A bike leaning against a tree with a view of the ocean.
A man in a bike helmet taking a selfie at the beach.
Looking at the ocean from the mouth of the Necanicum river
  • Moving Time:
  • Elevation Gain:
    4506 ft

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