Gearhart Christmas Eve

When a view fixes your mood

I probably had too much pressure in my tires, but the ride was going just ok, not great – then I came around the corner and saw a great view and it changed the whole thing.

A river surrounded by trees in a forest.
A bike leaning against a tree near a river.
A stream runs through a wooded area with moss growing on the rocks.
A stream runs through a lush green forest.
A sunbeam shines through a forest in scotland.
The sun is shining over a valley with trees.
A view from a hill overlooking a forest.
A bicycle is parked on a hill in front of a sunset.
A fire truck is parked in front of a building.
A wooden boardwalk overlooks a body of water at sunset.
A sandy beach with a small body of water.
A black and white photo of rocks on a beach.
  • Moving Time:
  • Elevation Gain:
    3491 ft

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