Elk Meadows / Elk Mountain

A good mix.

You hike through a good bit of mixed conifer montane forests to a couple of peaks with views. There are a few creek crossings, mountain meadows, spring wildflowers (in the spring), an abandoned lookout tower site, and an old shelter.

There were 8 cars at the trailhead, making this one of the busiest trailheads we’ve been to yet; we only saw 4 parties. We climbed up to the old lookout site at Elk Mountain first to get the elevation gain out of the way, cut through the 2006 Bluegrass Ridge Burn, and then down to the meadows.

Along the way I busted my shin so hard that the skin split and I gave myself a good bruise. I guess we should start bringing that first aid kit we’ve been talking about and maybe a few more of the 10 essentials. After limping into the meadow and taking some photos, we had “dinner” and hiked out in the dark.

2015-10-27 14.38.19-2431-avg

2015-10-27 14.57.33-2434-hdr

2015-10-27 15.00.41-2444

2015-10-27 16.01.00-2450-pano

2015-10-27 16.03.19-2485

2015-10-27 16.06.12-2492-hdr

2015-10-27 16.53.51-2493-avg

2015-10-27 16.54.58-2530-pano

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7.6 mi

hrs 1 min
Moving Time

35:00 min/mi
  • hrs 24 min
    Total Time
  • 23 min
    Stopped Time
  • 1.9 mph
    Moving Speed
  • 1.7 mph
    Avg Speed
  • 1,361 ft
  • 1,354 ft

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