Cascade Head

Always an adventure

It was nice in the Valley, so we took off to the coast to hike Cascade Head. It was not so nice on the coast.

We sat in the car for a bit, waiting for the rain to stop, then we got out and started up the hill. It rained.
It wasn’t too bad until we got out of the trees, then it was raining sideways. We own rain pants and we even carried them, but were reluctant to put them on and get sweaty. So instead we got soaked. For sure the worst so far.

We didn’t go to the top because it was hard enough just turning around into the wind, but we did actually have to turn back. It was fun nonetheless.

A hiking trail meanders through a lush, moss-covered forest, with exposed tree roots along the pathway.
A white sign with a red prohibition symbol over a dog silhouette, reading "no dogs," is mounted on a wooden post with green vegetation in the background.
Moss-covered tree trunks stand prominently in a misty forest with a carpet of fallen twigs and branches on the ground.
Two large trees with moss-covered trunks in a misty forest.
Leafless trees on a misty hillside with vibrant green undergrowth.
A leafless tree stands on a grassy slope against a gray, overcast sky, its branches spreading out in a network of thin, bare limbs.
A misty landscape showing an overcast sky above a field with patches of green and brown foliage, leading to a wooded area, with a glimpse of a winding river or coastline in the distance.
A small, lush creek flows over rocks and is surrounded by vibrant green vegetation.

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  • 3.71 mi
  • 1h 39m
    Moving Time
  • 34:21 min/mi
  • 2h 06m
    Total Time
  • 8m 11s
    Stopped Time
  • 1.9 mph
    Moving Speed
  • 1.7 mph
    Avg Speed
  • 670 ft
  • 670 ft

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