Immersive adventures from your own home…

When you buy with A Murder of Crows, you’re not just buying a game. You’re buying a sandbox whole world to play in filled with mystery, intrigue and puzzles! Its up to you and your friends to solve them.

Explore our worlds below


 Journey to 1920s New York…

…And sit shoulder to shoulder with New York’s criminal underworld

Tap glasses with some of the toughest bootleggers and burlesque queens of the criminal underworld. A tasteful cocktail party turned sour when one of the Sharpe family’s most infamous henchmen turns up dead with a gunshot to the head. A simple murder? If only. There are more than a few secrets at play tonight.

constantine-cover-no title with margins-cmyk (1) 1.jpg

The year is 2419…

…and the denizens of Earth have spread across the known solar system

A team-based timed, escape-room game set on the Interplanetary Space Station Constantine. As people begin mysteriously disappearing out of the airlock, can you make it out alive before the time runs out?


Ancient Rome is in trouble…

…and a senator lies dead in the square.

Take a journey back to the Roman Empire and join the Pompeius family as they investigate the death of the eldest son Felix Pompeius. Not so lucky now, but can you and your friends uncover the truth and bring your beloved civilisation back from the brink of self-destruction?


Custom Built World

Want something a little different?

The team behind A Murder of Crows also offers bespoke services. 
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