What is a Murder Mystery Game?

“Buying an out-the-box mystery game takes all the anxiety out of hosting. Sit back, relax, and enjoy solving a mystery from the comfort of your own living room.”

Hosting a murder mystery party at home is one of the easiest, and most inexpensive nights you can have with friends. Because lets face it, we’re all broke and can’t all afford to go to one of these extravagant immersive adventures in a big city. So why not create one for yourself at home for 1/10th of the price?

What is a Murder Mystery Game?

A Murder Mystery (Dinner Party) Game is a game typically hosted at home, or at a nice location where you invite guests and they all arrive in costume and character. Over the course of a few hours, the guests (or characters) must work together, or against each other to solve a mystery. Some companies offer the option of hosting the party for you, A Murder of Crows tries to take the anxiety out of this and make it as easy as pie for the host to not only execute a flawless party but also join in the fun too.

Is a Murder Mystery Game like an Escape Room?

Yes actually! But no time limits here (unless you want there to be of course). Like an Escape Room, you and your friends can solve puzzles, riddles and mysteries in order to solve it! But rather than locks and sliders, the puzzles are the other players. Everyone has their own secrets to hide, and information to share.

What are mystery games good for?

Murder Mysteries are perfect for birthday parties, hen and stag dos, work and corporate events, or even just something cool to do with your friends of an evening that is a little different. You can impress your colleagues with a memorable experience, or you can puzzle along over a slice of (maybe poisoned) birthday cake. By buying an out-the-box game, you can relax as we’ve done all the heavy lifting already. You only need to think about the fun things like serving drinks and getting your own costume in order.

Great! How to get started?

The best place to start is by deciding on a game to play! You can take a look through our game list, or you can head over to an awesome directory site such as The Murder Mystery List and filter down by number of guests and genre.

Things to consider when picking a game:

  • The number of people you’d like to come - is this a little gathering, a big party, or something of epic proportions?!

  • Gender Distribution - All girls? All Boys? Mixed group? Want a trans / non-binary friendly game? Definitely consider this in your search (psstt… A Murder of Crows is always inclusive, and makes sure to include integral, key characters of all gender identities. Come on guys, its 2019.)

  • Age suitability - will there be children there? Are you okay with graphic themes, or want something a little more relaxed?

  • Difficulty Level - if you haven’t played a game like this before, maybe opt for something with a lower difficulty setting. After all, its no fun if the murderer gets away!

  • Mix N’ Mingle vs Scripted - Some games give each character a script to further the game, others let the players go at their own pace

  • Genre - What kind of game you want to play! Common themes are 1920s/Speakeasy (we have our own here), Western, Victorian, and more … But here at A Murder of Crows we also like to think outside the box. Want to play a sci-fi game set in the far future? Check out The ISS Constantine.