First Game on Kickstarter!


With 45 days to go on our Kickstarter at the time of writing, we’re incredibly proud to be over 50% of our way to our Kickstarter goal! The first pledgers will be able to get their hands on digital, or limited edition copies of our first game as early at June!

the craft workshop (1).png

A Dazzling 1930s Murder Mystery Party

“A ‘Sharpe’ Distinction” is our first game, set in New York City at the height of prohibition. It is a glamorous speakeasy setting, a party fit for Gatsby himself. Come as a bootlegger, a thug, a crime boss, or an undercover police officer. Our game gives your characters a full range, their motives interlock and hidden pasts will be uncovered!

Head over to the Kickstarter to pre-order this, and our second game - “The ISS Constantine” now, and you’ll be privy to fantastic merchandise, lifetime discounts and updates - including sneak previews of character sheets and intro packs.