A Murder of Crows

Immersive Mystery Games

πŸ“œ Barbican, London, EC2Y 8NH
πŸ“§  info@crow.black

Game Makers & World Builders

A Murder of Crows is a small, independent games company based in London, UK. We write and create play-at-home immersive experiences for groups of 2 - 100 people. Work with your friends, or against them to race the clock and solve a mystery!

A Murder of Crows was founded in March 2019 by one girl with a passion for writing. But before we made mysteries, the team behind A Murder of Crows worked in bespoke events and parties, and curated custom cocktails for some of London’s finest museums and galleries.




A Murder of Crows is currently run and operated by a team of one! Meet your writer-in-chief, editor, cocktail taster, costume wearer, and Jack-of-all-trades, Mairi.

In her spare time, Mairi enjoys trying to keep her 45 + plants alive, dyeing her hair, brewing tea, talking about the weather, and going to escape rooms. Her favourite emoji is this fancy boi πŸ‘‰πŸ™



All of the illustrations & artwork on A Murder of Crows is by the amazing Marylou Mao.


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